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Each frame is designed and built by me, Tom Palermo. I build bikes one at a time, by hand, made to measure. I currently offer road, track, and touring frames.
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Framesets start at $1800 and include a frame and fork, standard road braze-ons and a single color paint job (any color). Options are available with regards to lugs, braze-ons and paint. Contact me for info.

Isn't steel heavy?

In a word, no. Do the math and you'll see. To illustrate, a small word problem (remember those):
Rider A weighs 195lbs. His bicycle, Bicycle A, weighs 20lbs. for a total weight of 215lbs. The lugged steel frameset (frame and fork) on Bicycle A weighs 5.5lbs. What percentage of the total weight is the frameset? Answer = 2.56%!! That's right, less than 3%. weight == hype

I build bikes factoring fit, handling, and durability as my top three design factors.